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Casey James impresses Usher with his 'swag,' Simon with his singing on 'American Idol'

Casey James, not my favorite "American Idol" contestant, is singing "Hold On, I'm Coming'" for Usher. He forgets the words at one point but covers it. Usher tells him, "you're already a rock star, you're forgetting lyrics and whatever." 

Then tells him he has a "really good voice." He likes his confidence, his "swag."

Up there in a black jacket, jeans, he definitely looks comfortable, big smile, totally owns the song. Nothing creative about it or anything, but it's a great pick and fits his style well. Not an amazing amount of energy until a guitar solo near the end.

Casey could be great, but for whatever reason I don't think he's totally wowed us yet. Good performance tonight, though.

Crowd loves it. Randy loved it, calls it a perfect choice. Ellen says "you're always good,"  but a little generic. Kara tells him to show off more of his range and that he's not showing them all that he can do. Yeah, totally right.

Simon says it was your strongest week so far, calls it "authentic," says he's really impressed with him.

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