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Casey James joins 'an '80s cover band' on 'American Idol'

Casey James tells Miley Cyrus he's a big fan... "of your dad's." Weirdly choosing "Power of Love," she wants him to make more eye contact.

He's out on stage in black pants and a gray shirt with his guitar. Nice tone comes out, but I don't know . . . it's sung pretty well, but the original is hard to get out of your head and this isn't really displacing anything. It's a good cover. That's about it.

Karaoke and cruise ship are gonna be among the comments, I think. Why aren't any of these people really letting go, going out on a limb?!

Randy didn't like the song choice, but said it was sung well. Ellen echoes that, adding "best vocal of the night." Kara says you're ready to make an album, with the right songs.

Simon says "that song was old-fashioned 25 years ago" and that there's nothing new to it. "Watching and listening to an '80s cover band -- no effort, no originality," Simon adds.

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