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Casey James, Lee Dewyze and Aaron Kelly will split the girl vote 'American Idol'

Casey James, who of course stripped off his shirt in his audtions, next to find out if he makes 'American Idol's' top 24 semifinals. I think this is an easy decision, he'll be in. Talk about where he's from, Cool; Kara winds up saying, "I think it's pretty cool that you're going through to the next round." 

Uh, that was easy. They're playing up Kara having a crush on him. Wonder who they'll have Ellen have a crush on?

Aaron Kelly, who I have a bad feeling isn't gonna make it. Had some rough times in Hollywood. Ellen asks him about his experiences, he answers "yes, ma'am" to everything, and -- he makes it through! Yaaaay! He really is a good kid, he's gonna get a loooot of votes.

Lee Dewyze, no way he makes it, right?! Kara says they saw a lack of confidence, didn't own the stage, asks if he agrees, he says no way. She says, "we didn't agree, until about five minutes ago."

He walks out of there in shock, "oh my god," and you know, I really like him, he's a nice, good guy. He could be like a Kris Allen type, coming out of nowhere, growing on us the more we watch. Which is exactly why we watch.

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