Man, we were all duped into thinking that Casey James would be voted off this week from "American Idol."  The judges tore him apart - Randy Jackson declared his performance pitchy and his worst to date.  Kara DioGuardi compared his vibrato to a bleating lamb then added, “at least you held some notes.”  Simon Cowell called his performance awkward.

Well, when the folks at heard Kara’s rude comment, they jumped all over it and dropped ‘Big Mike’ Lynche as their poster boy (they felt he was boring, and I agree wholeheartedly) and immediately embraced Casey James as their man.  Something got messed up in the translation, as their site’s headline is “It’s a Goat for the Worst Victory.  Casey wasn’t even in the bottom 2 after that terrible performance.” 

In essence, Kara came to Casey’s rescue.  Was it a Freudian slip – did she really have a master plan to save the seemingly doomed Casey from his fate?  We all know that she has the hots for the Texas blues man.  Hmmm.

While Harry Connick Jr. was probably the best mentor to-date, the lackluster group failed to do justice to the songs of Ol’ Blue Eyes. Connick was a real worker bee – a teacher, an arranger, and an accompanist.  He even brought along members of his band to play with the "Idols" performances.  What a guy!

Alas, Yoda, AKA Aaron Kelly, will be sent back to high school in Pennsylvania.  His rendition of “Fly Me to the Moon” received mixed reviews from the judges.  Randy and Ellen DeGeneres liked it.  Kara told him he needed more charisma, and Simon said "if he [Frank Sinatra] was a lion, you were just a mouse.”

When it was revealed that "Big Mike" Lynche and Aaron Kelly were the bottom two, tweens Nicky and Deanna T. knew that one of them was going to cry.  When it was revealed that Aaron was booted, loyal fan Nicky was sad, but he understood that someone had to go home. Overall, the kids did not enjoy the show, as they weren’t familiar with Sinatra’s music.

Lee DeWyze is now the frontrunner apparent in my group’s opinion. Crystal Bowersox has been knocked off of her pedestal, but we still think she will be in the finale with Lee.  So next week either Casey James or "Big Mike" Lynche will bid adieu, and we hope it is the arrogant "Big Mike."

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Actor/singer Jamie Foxx is next week’s guest mentor as the final four take on cinema-themed songs.

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