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Casey James shows off the hair, impresses Simon with 'emotion' on 'American Idol'

Casey James sings "Jealous Guy" on "American Idol." Michael Lynche says he's like a soap opera star, they come up with fake names for him -- Trevor, Drake. He's apparently got a big laugh; they talk about his hair, too.

Interesting choice; not a lot of people know the song. Out there in his white suit, he's totally comfortable on the stage.

Not much he can do with it, just slow and long, if sincere and soulful. He does a good job with the chorus toward the end, gives it some passion and makes it compelling. I'm not under the spell; others might be, though. Applause is tepid.

Randy says he likes the acoustic guitar and the sensitive vibe; impressed that you tried singing it, some vocal problems but loved that you were so heartfelt. Ellen says it felt real, best performance to date, soulful, you really poured yourself into it for once. Kara liked his vulnerability, shows "depth," you can do even more.

Simon calls it the best performance of the night so far, "emotional"; says he's very impressed with him tonight.

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