We're 12 minutes into "American Idol" and Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche and Casey James show up for the first time. Not good. All four fit into the mini-car they're pushing this week. Didn't know Yugo was still selling.

Ryan, with a straight face, says one of the perks of making the final three is you get to "make an appearance at a local AT&T store." Ha! What's new for next season -- a chance to load a Coke machine?

Their family members are up on stage. And now, we start. And right off -- Casey James is safe. He makes the final three.

Ugh. He really does not deserve to be there. His voice isn't up to par and his performances for the most part have been weak.

He's a nice guy, and it's not his fault the field's been pretty weak this year. And he did have one outstanding week with "Don't" (he probably remembers that as the week he kissed Shania Twain). So, who knows, maybe he'll be great next week...

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Odd that they start with him, everyone thought either he or Michael Lynche would be cut tonight. Not much drama left . . . or is there?!

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