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CBS, ABC set Mandela specials; 'Frontline' posts doc

Nelson Mandela spent nearly a third of his

Nelson Mandela spent nearly a third of his life as a prisoner of apartheid before leading South Africa in a relatively peaceful transition of power that inspired the world. The iconic figure died Thursday at the age of 95. AP video. (Dec. 5, 2013)

Following the death yesterday of Nelson Mandela, the networks are just now setting a weekend of tributes and retrospectives. First up, CBS News will air  “Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation,” a one-hour "48 HOURS PRESENTS." And ABC just announced a Robin Roberts/David Muir-anchored special tonight at 10, titled  "Nelson Mandela: A Man Who Changed the World."

Meanwhile, go here for "Frontline's" -- no doubt very good; this is "Frontline" after all -- film on Mandela, called "The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela."

Meanwhile, more details from CBS:

"In the hour, CBS News’ Bob Simon will look at Mandela’s life from prisoner to president. Martha Teichner reports on what it was like to be in South Africa in 1990 when Mandela was released from prison and the impact on the country. And CBS News Cultural Correspondent Wynton Marsalis and South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela will explore the role of music as an instrument for social change. “The Death of Nelson Mandela: Father of a Nation” includes interviews with former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young, Congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis, Archbishop and civil rights activist Desmond Tutu and Mandela autobiographer Richard Stengel."

And from ABC: "Anchored by David Muir and Robin Roberts, the hour will feature Alex Marquardt reporting from South Africa, details of Mandela’s passing, world-wide reaction, plans for his funeral, and images of the day, as well as chronicle the long and eventful polarizing political and personal life of one of the 20th century’s greatest figures.  

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