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CBS: 'Concerned' about Charlie Sheen

Concerned about Charlie Sheen? Good heavens, why?

Anyway, Nina Tassler told TV critics out in Pasadena a little while ago that she has a "high level of concern" about the one-man Plaza Hotel wrecking ball. Here's what she said, as reported via EW:

“I personally thought a lot about this,” said Tassler, choosing her words carefully. “We have a high level of concern. How can we not? Let me speak personally first. On a very basic human
level, I am concerned of course. This man is a father, he has children, he has a family.

“You can’t look at it simplistically,” she continued. “Charlie is a professional. He comes to work, he does his job extremely well. We are taping tonight. It’s very complicated, but we have a very good relationship with Warner Bros. TV. We have tremendous trust and respect with the way they are managing the situation. On a personal level, we obviously have concern. On a professonal level, he does hs job and he does it well. This show is a hit, that all have to say.”


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