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Good Morning

CBS News has series on the Brooklyn District Attorney

Brooklyn DA Charles J. Hynes

Brooklyn DA Charles J. Hynes Credit: Getty Images

Brooklyn is suddenly hot - well, perhaps not "suddenly," but given that yesterday (Monday) MTV chose the Barclays Center for the VMAs while today, CBS News has chosen the Brooklyn D.A. for an extended reality/news series, "suddenly hot" will do. 

  This six-parter beginning May 21 at 10 sounds pretty good: The incomparable Susan Zirinsky ("48 Hours") is over-seeing the effort and the excellent Patti Aronofsky will produce; these guys know what they are doing, and I am expecting a real summer gem. (For some reason, this brings to mind that old - and good - series with Jon Tenney and Titus Welliver, "Brooklyn South...")

  Here's the description from the press release...

BROOKLYN DA follows the men and women of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office as they juggle more than 1,000 cases a week. These hard-charging prosecutors have larger-than-life personalities both inside the courtroom and out. They’re eccentric and living right on the edge. They’re the people living the lives that Hollywood loves to write about. Their stories are raw and emotional. The office’s 500 lawyers investigate the toughest high-profile cases in the country. Every day they’re taking on cases of young girls trafficked as sex slaves, murder, judges on the take, political corruption and mobsters.   

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