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CBS officially disavows Beghazi '60 Minutes' source

Lara Logan in Iraq in 2006.

Lara Logan in Iraq in 2006. Credit: Getty Images

CBS last night gave the first indication that it doubted the veracity of a subject who was a prominent part of an Oct. 27 "60 Minutes" story on the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi. And this morning, it officially admitted that the subject had misled them. (See post below.) "60 Minutes" will admit the mistake Sunday night.

Lara Logan, who appeared on "CBS This Morning," admitted that she and the show had been duped by Dylan Davies, who had said he had been at the compound during the attack when in fact he was not. A Washington Post story immediately called the "60 Minutes" piece into question.

"We did not know about that incident report [Davies had filed with his employer] before we did our story. When the Washington Post story came out, he denied it, he said that he never wrote it, had nothing to do with it, and that he told the FBI the same story that he told us. But as we now know, that was not that case." Here's Logan's disavowal, below, though she doesn't fully explain why that would seem to be a fairly simple and routine matter of reporting — checking the employer record on Davies' actions on Sept. 11, 2012 — had been overlooked.  The Davies' revelations have propelled "60 Minutes" into the thick of a ferocious debate over whether the Obama administration has revealed everything it knows about what happened in Benghazi a little over a year ago:

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