The streets of downtown Mineola near the Nassau County executive offices were the setting of a made-for-TV gunfire Tuesday as the CBS television series "Person of Interest" filmed two scenes for an upcoming episode.

The production, which began at 9 a.m. and was scheduled to continue through midnight, was filming scenes in which actors portrayed uniformed Washington, D.C., law enforcement and plainclothes officers.

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The show, now in its third season, revolves around a reclusive billionaire and a former CIA operative who use a supercomputer to prevent violent crimes before they occur.

In the first scene filmed Tuesday, passengers in a vehicle traveling on Franklin Avenue near 15th Street "fired" on a group of people walking toward the Theodore Roosevelt Executive Office building. The production then went inside the building. Later, when filming moved to the rear parking lot, actors portrayed a scene that included firing at a moving vehicle.

Local police were on hand to control traffic, and offices and homes in the area were notified of the scenes, Nassau police said.