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Good Morning

CBS re-making 'The Rifleman'

Could the late great western be making a come-back? After AMC's big launch of "Hell on Wheels," the answer could be yes. A bunch of reports out late yesterday that CBS is re-booting the classic Chuck Connors series, "The Rifleman," which hasn't been seen around these here parts in fifty years, and more. (1958, to be exact.) So: Why doens't NBC get a new "Bonanza" on the boards? Reboots are tough. ABC - or at least I think it was ABC - tried to reboot "Maverick" back in the early '80s with James Garner in the title role again; seemed like a good idea after his iconic run on "The Rockford Files." But it just lasted a handful of episodes. (Connors, by the way, died many years ago; he was a fine athelete and knocked around the Brooklyn Dodgers organization for a while before TV beckoned.)  

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