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'CBS this Morning' has Obama (Michelle)

From left, first lady Michelle Obama, President Barack

From left, first lady Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama, Jill Biden and Vice President Joe Biden arrive for remarks at the White House during a Hanukkah reception December 8, 2011 in Washington, D.C.. Credit: Getty Images

A first-week score for newborn "CBS This Morning": Michelle Obama, who also curiously enough has a cameo on "iCarly," is all over the program Wednesday morning as part of an extended interview with Gayle King.

What's interesting here is that she and King are pals -- which King said, by the way. Seems like a good interview, and she insists she is no Nancy Reagan. That is, a first lady who tends to, umm, disagree with aides. This, of course, stems from a book published this week that portrays tension in the White House. What's odd to the point of amusing is that CBS for some reason (both Tuesday night and Wednesday night) pointedly declined to name the book, so here it is: "The Obamas," by Jodi Kantor.

Kantor's an excellent and careful reporter (for The New York Times), so I'm sure it's accurate, but Obama told King it is not, and that -- for example, with respect to the factoid that press secretary Robert Gibbs has cursed about her to aides -- they all remain good friends, and that people say things all the time that they don't mean. Which -- come to think of it -- doesn't sound like a denial. 

Here's one clip:

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