The large Amy Lang, who's one of these chatty over-the-top theater types that you either get a kick out of, or want to kick, starts off the next segment of "American Idol."

Does "Dr. Feel Good" by Aretha Franklin, starts by falling dramatically to the floor before shrieking out the song.

Lucky for her she's shameless. Simon cuts her schtick short, thankfully. 

Charity Vance next, who I like right away -- her folks own a hair salon, they're big fans of the show. Sings "Summertime," in a slightly unusual high-pitched voice, but she has presence and control. It's interesting to listen to, which is probably what you want out of an audition.

Randy says "wow," calls it interesting; Shania was "pleasantly surprised," likes her personal style, Simon likes the uniqueness. They put her though, marvel that's she's just 16.

Yeah, she's got a shot to go a long way, just something about her that makes you want to keep watching.

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