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Charlie Sheen: I wonder...

I've been wondering about Charlie Sheen, and the (for now) busted negotiations between Warner Brothers and Hugh Grant over taking Sheen's role on "Two and a Half Men,"  and whether CBS will cancel the show or...

In any event, here are all the things I've been wondering about...

I wonder . . . if CBS and WBTV realize that as charming and attractive and talented as Hugh Grant undeniably is, real -- and I do mean real -- fans of "Two and a Half Men" will probably never accept a former romantic comedy lead in this role, even if it is reconfigured to make fun of Grant's consider romantic/comedic charms...

I wonder . . . if CBS is having second thoughts about getting Charlie back for at least one more season?

I wonder . . . if CBS is hating itself for even having second thoughts, if it is having second thoughts...

I wonder . . . if both CBS and WB realize that even repeats -- repeats! -- of "2.5 Men" are getting adult 25-54 ratings of around 3, beating originals of shows like "The Simpsons," "Parks and Rec," "CSI: Miami," and tying or nearly tying a whole bunch of other prime time mainstays, while a recent "Men" even beat "HIMYM" (for example) in total viewers? 

I wonder . . . if Les Moonves is sitting around thinking, what was this fight with Sheen about anyway? 

I wonder . . . if Les and Chuck Lorre realize that while Charlie may be borderline sane at best, how many other people can you say that about in Hollywood? 

I wonder . . . if Les is thinking how thrilling, from a show-biz perspective, it would be if they trotted out Charlie as his own "replacement" at next week's upfront...?

I wonder . . . if Les ordered that extremely visible promotion after this week's historic "60 Minutes" interview with President Barack Obama, telling viewers to tune in Monday for another repeat -- repeat! -- of "Two and a Half Men." 

I wonder . . . if CBS knows about that recent Harris Poll which deemed "2.5 Men" one of the respondents' favorite shows of all time . . .? 

I wonder . . . if CBS realizes that a midseason order of "2.5 Men" might be tempting, but it might also give time for viewers to move on to other obsessions, and -- after all -- that they just can't put a placeholder on Mondays at 9? 

I wonder . . . if all it takes is one call to Sheen's legal team to tell them to drop the $100 million lawsuit, and they would in an instance, if they knew the job would return?

I wonder . . . if Chuck Lorre has cooled off by now, realizing how tough it would be to recast this show? 

I wonder . . . if CBS and WB have thought about all of this stuff and come to the conclusion, "aah the hell with it; not all the money in the world would make us want to work with that wacko again..."?

I wonder . . . if they decided that, on second thought, "maybe if we can get Charlie to behave..."

I wonder . . . if CBS (again) hates itself for even wondering...

Those, friends, are this morning's "wonderings." It's a very, very (very) slim chance that Sheen will ever return to the most successful sitcom on TV, which he inarguably helped make the most successful sitcom. 

Still, a guy can wonder, can't he?


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