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Charlie Sheen on the 'Today Show'

Matt Lauer and Charlie Sheen on the

Matt Lauer and Charlie Sheen on the "Today" show airing Sept. 16, 2011. Photo Credit: NBC

Charlie Sheen's comeback tour continued Friday morning on "Today," and many thoughts crossed my mind as I watched, and they well have crossed your's as well. Here they are, in order:

1.) He may well be on meds. If so, thank goodness for the miracle of modern medicine, and that whole class of  monoamine oxidase inhibitors; I was worried about him, and judging from Jon Cryer's comments on "Ellen" the other day, so was he. He seems calm, rational, intelligent and off of the ledge. His manic phase last winter, which Lauer alluded to during the interview, was almost scary.

2.) Charlie may have directed his people to quietly drop that $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre; why else tell Jay Leno, as he did last night, that he would have fired him if he had been Warner's too? This is more than an olive branch being held out -- it feels like a genuine thaw. Charlie here even tells Matt that he'd like to even have a cameo on the new "Two and a Half Men," and notes -- or jokes -- that there's no body at the funeral, so who knows?! 

3.) Charlie in his own shrewd way is stealing the thunder of Ashton Kutcher's launch Monday. "Don't forget about me!" he is saying in these interviews. This really isn't about promoting some silly roast -- it's about respect. He wants it again.


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