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Charlie Sheen: What's Next?

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Credit: Handout

We can only speculate what weirdness Charlie Sheen will unleash today on an unsuspecting world, following his rant last night after learning "Two and a Half Men" has been shelved for the season because of his inflammatory comments and erratic behavior.

Chuck is reportedly planning his next move, though. The actor texted Radar Online saying HBO was hot to have him and that he was  "close to securing a deal" for a 10-episode, half-hour show called  "Sheen's Corner" for which he would get paid the staggering sum of $5 million an episode. (Personally, I'd rather watch "Kiner's Corner," but I digress.)

Apparently, Sheen was indeed just gassing. An HBO rep told the entertainment website Popeater  this afternon that "there is no truth in this."

Meanwhile,  John Stamos call your agent -- the rumors are flying that you're gonna be brought in to replace Sheen.

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