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Chaz Bono on 'DWTS'

There have been interesting stars on "Dancing With the Stars" and (far more numerous) somewhat less interesting stars, but Chaz Bono has to qualify as the former.

He poses all sorts of potential obstacles and intrigues for "Dancing with the Stars" fans -- more rural, more suburban, more conservative, more technically "traditional" in the traditional sense of the word.

This is all stating the obvious, but given Bono's leading supporter status of the LGBT movement, and his very public transformation from woman to man, he could well be the cultural mirror opposite of Bristol Palin, who certainly has her own nontraditional side, too.

I'm beating around the bush here so no more beating: Will viewers embrace Bono? Reject him? Will he become this season's lightning rod, much as Palin was, or a charmer who changes attitudes while spinning his way through the Argentine tango?

  He's a fascinating choice for that reason, if only because he sits astride that unstable fault line separating the different Americas -- those in support of gay rights and marriage and those not.

This season's "DWTS" cast  -- a good one -- is studiously safe and not controversial; Bono is absolutely neither, which is why he's the one to keep an eye on.

And of course Nancy Grace too. Can't avoid her either -- and I'll get to my predictions in a little while.

Plenty of videos out there on Bono, who did the book rounds back in May -- "Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man" --  and in support of his OWN series, including these. His stepmother, Rep. Bono-Mack is quoted here. 

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