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'Cheers,' more TV shows where the neighborhood bar was the star

Comedy set in a Boston bar, starring Ted

Comedy set in a Boston bar, starring Ted Danson as ballplayer-turned-bartender Sam Malone (1982-1993). Credit: NBC

"Lachey's Bar," an A&E reality series premiering Wednesday, July 15, is set in the Cincinnati sports bar run by former boy-band stars Nick and Drew Lachey. And as we wish them well on their new venture, let's raise a glass to these five shows in which a neighborhood bar played an important role:

Archie Bunker's Place (CBS, 1979-83) -- During the 1977-78 season of "All in the Family," Archie (Carroll O'Connor) became part-owner of Kelsey's, the neighborhood gin mill. At the start of the 1979-80 season, the show's title was changed to reflect the fact that most of the stories were now taking place at the bar, not at the Bunker household.

Cheers (NBC, 1982-1993) -- The most famous TV bar in history, the Boston pub was where everybody knows your name.

The Corner Bar (ABC, 1972-73) -- Grown-up "Bowery Boy" Gabe Dell starred as the bartender-owner of Grant's Toomb, a neighborhood New York tavern. Useless info: Anne Meara was brought in as the bar's co-owner in 1973; a decade later she played Veronica, the wisecracking cook on "Archie Bunker's Place."

The George Carlin Show (Fox, 1994-95) -- The groundbreaking comedian played a NYC cabdriver who spent most of his time hanging with other ne'er-do-wells at the Moylan Tavern.

Murphy Brown (CBS, 1988-98) -- While the lion's share of the action took place on the set of the fictional, D.C.-based newsmagazine FYI, Murph (Candice Bergen) and her pals would also spend much off-time chilling at Phil's, the local bar run by its genial namesake (Pat Corley).

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