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Chris Golightly feeds Katy Perry and Kara DioGuardi's spat on 'American Idol'

Guest judge Katy Perry, second from right, joins

Guest judge Katy Perry, second from right, joins Randy Jackson, left, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell for the "American Idol" auditions in Los Angeles. Photo Credit: Fox

Katy Perry and Kara DioGuardi are in a running cat fight as we wrap up the L.A. audition rounds if you believe the "American Idol" editing... it's entertaining but seems contrived.

Katy grates on my nerves a bit, she's too conscious of being on TV. By contrast the other guest judge this round, Avril Lagivne, was cute and totally genuine. It was funny how often she giggled at Simon's silliness, she was like a real fan -- but with spot-on, down-to-earth comments.

Chris Golightly is last to audition in L.A., he grew up in foster care, with more than 25 families, he says. Poor guy . . . says he really had nobody to tell him "good job" growing up, sought refuge in music.

A nice version of "Stand by Me," heartfelt and just riveting, with a souful tone. "Something very interesting about you," says Randy; he might've been Kara's favorite, "just enough talent and just enough of a story, pain, to really connect." 

Katy archly says, "this is not a Lifetime movie."Simon also thought it was just OK, votes him in, but barely; Katy, too, Kara loves him, Randy too.

Something like 23 others made it out of L.A.; here are my faves of the few Fox showed on the show:

1) Andrew Garcia, who gave Katy Perry "chills" and whose voice Simon loves, owned L.A. with his cute son and well-shaped take on "Sunday Morning." He's one of my favorites out of all the rounds so far this year.

2) Tasha Layton, the personal assistant by day and minister by night, had a nice, pleasant voice on "Baby Baby Baby." Ryan said she was "pure and wholesome," I found her slightly dorky and like Simon, totally likeable.

3) Mary Powers, who struck Simon as "a little scrapper" showed off her "raspy, punk rock" voice that Avril Lavigne loved with "Love is a Battlefield." She's a real wild-card, could go far.

4) Chris Golightly, who came out of foster care, is like Holly in that he's trying to make it all alone --  unlike some of the brats on the show, I bet he makes the most of his chance.

5) Jim Ranger, the laid-back "worship pastor" with three kids, had Avril worried that his lifestyle wasn't conducive to pursuing a pop career, but did have a good voice. I think he could generate a big following, not necessarily tied to his singing.

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