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Good Evening

Chris Wallace: I'm sorry, Michele!

What a bizarre thing -- an apology from Chris Wallace for a legitimate question to Michele Bachmann on "Fox News Sunday" yesterday. That makes two weeks in a row "FNS" has exercised questionable judgment -- last week, for snipping out a portion of the Jon Stewart interview, and now this. 

Did Mike Wallace ever apologize for a legitimate question, or even an illegitimate one? 

Why would Chis do this? He's a responsible, smart, hardworking guy -- not one of the Fox News ideologues. The question was legit, respectfully asked. Public figures are asked difficult questions all the time -- about their personalities, intelligences, style, and even -- of course -- sex lives. 

Why in heaven's name would this be something to say "I'm sorry" over? Chris has made a rare blunder here.

Meanwhile, check out the question he asked yesterday, and the context.


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