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LI's Christie Brinkley reprises her 'Vacation' role on 'The Goldbergs' season premiere

George Segal and Christie Brinkley appear in a

George Segal and Christie Brinkley appear in a scene from the Sept. 25 episode of ABC's "The Goldbergs." Credit: ABC / Rick Rowell

On Wednesday's season 7 premiere of "The Goldbergs," Bridgehampton supermodel Christie Brinkley reprised her iconic role as the unnamed Girl in the Ferrari from "National Lampoon's Vacation" — and gained at least an unofficial name.

"FUN FACT: we named Christie Brinkley's character 'Aleah Welsh,' " tweeted "Goldbergs" star Wendi McLendon-Covey, 49, that night. "[N]ot sure we ever use that name in this episode, but we didnt want to just call her 'the girl in the red Ferrari' in case we can get her to come back again!" 

The name appears in the script but is never given on air, a series spokesman confirms. An inside joke, it is the name of one of the executive producers' assistants.

The episode, one of the 1980s-set sitcom's occasional pastiches of that decade's movies, finds mom Beverly (McLendon-Covey) and dad Murray Goldberg (Jeff Garlin) taking their family on a road trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, similar to the trek taken by the Griswold clan in 1983's "Vacation." As in that film, Brinkley plays the flirty blonde in the red sports car who tempts the family man — although in this case it is Beverly's father, Pops (George Segal).

McLendon-Covey additionally tweeted, "We filmed all those road scenes in Palmdale, CA. In the middle of August. Not easy! But @SeaBrinkley was a trooper [sic], and our crew really outdid themselves!"

Wednesday before the episode aired, Brinkley, 65, posted an Instagram photo of herself on the set, luxuriating in the driver's seat of a red Ferrari. On her Instagram Story account was a photo of herself with actor Anthony Michael Hall, who played one of the Griswold children in the film and here portrayed a Disneyland security guard who delivers John Candy's famous line at the movie's fictional Walley World: "Sorry, folks. Park's closed.").  

"My love and thanks to the great people at ABC & The Goldbergs for kindly inviting me to come and play on your show," Hall 51, wrote on Instagram early Thursday. I had a great time and it was an honor and a pleasure to be a small part of it!"

Brinkley also posted an Instagram Story photo of herself in a short white dress with another, similarly garbed woman with bluejeans underneath  posing comically in front of the sports car.

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