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Christina Aguilera shows women of 'American Idol' how it's done as Ricky Gervais roasts Simon Cowell

Lacey Brown and Didi Benami then kick off the women finalists singing "Beautiful." Wow, Katie Stevens really looks different, much more like a star.

They're all really good, like an episode of "Glee." And then out comes Christina Aguilera, to HUGE applause. They all sing "Fighter" together.

Wow, that was pretty exciting. Lights dim, spotlight, and she sings "You Lost Me." Audience is dead quiet. It's pretty magical.

None of the contestants this year were anywhere near this level, of course. I hope they're all taking notes. Stillness, deliberateness, passion, perfect pitch, drama, it's all on display. One of the more exciting guest artists "Idol's" had.

Tubby British comic Ricky Gervais comes in via satellite to roast Simon Cowell. His original "The Office" is one of the funniest, most pathos-inducing show I've ever seen.

Too bad it's via satellite. It sucks a lot of the life out of it for the audience, but it's still funny.

Lee DeWyze then comes out to sing "I Can't Go For That." The other guys join him, which means Daryl Hall and John Oates are about to invade our living rooms.

Sure enough they totter out. It's just not even worth blogging . . . painful to listen to.


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