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Christina 'Isabelle' gets an 'O-M-G' from Nicki Minaj on 'American Idol'

Christina “Isabelle” up next on “American Idol.” No idea why they put her last name in quotes. Blasts out “Summertime" -- the classic big, brassy voice.

“O-M-G” says Nicki Minaj, “you'll go really far in this competition .?.?. amazing skill with beautiful tone.”

Keith Urban calls her a “natural singer” and  Randy Jackson also thinks she's fantastic, just wants her to build up her confidence.

Evan Ruggiero next, he says he's been dancing for 17 years but was recently diagnosed with cancer and had to have his leg amputated to save his life. Doing Jason Mraz's “I'm Yours" -- it's not fantastic, bit all over the place.

Jackson gives him a chance to play something on his guitar; he picks Bon Jovi's ”Wanted Dead or Alive.” Again, nothing special.

“That's more in your wheelhouse,” says Keith Urban, but doesn't know if ”the star factor is all there yet.“ Minaj says right out she doesn't think he's right for the competition, but that he'll touch people just by his audition appearance. They all say no, but give him encouragement.

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