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Christmas Eve, Day TV highlights: Best movies, specials, sports

Many actors, including Albert Finney, Reginald Owen and

Many actors, including Albert Finney, Reginald Owen and George C. Scott, have played Ebenezer Scrooge, but Alastair Sim's portrayal in the 1951 version of "A Christmas Carol" is considered the definitive one. Credit: Renown Pictures

Whoa. There's so much Christmas-themed viewing, we can't cover it all. Here are our highlights.


ANTENNA TV "The Burns and Allen Show" bookends a Christmas marathon from 5 a.m. Wednesday through 3 a.m. Thursday night.

Best bets Wednesday: "Bewitched" (11 a.m.-1 p.m., 6-8 p.m.), "Father Knows Best" (3-4 p.m.), "Green Acres" (5:30 p.m.), "Barney Miller" (1-2 a.m.).

Thursday: "Mister Ed" (1 p.m.), "The Flying Nun" (3 p.m.), "WKRP in Cincinnati" (9-10 p.m.), "Barney Miller" (10 p.m.), "Married With Children" (11 p.m.-midnight), "The Nanny" (midnight-1 a.m.).

COZI TV Wednesday's 7 a.m. "Lone Ranger" run kicks off old-time holiday fun, until Thursday 7 p.m.

Best bets Wednesday: "Ozzie and Harriet" (11 a.m.-noon), "The Avengers" (1 p.m.), "Dick Van Dyke" (6 p.m.).

Thursday: "Make Room for Daddy" (7-8 a.m.), "Hart to Hart" (6 p.m.).

TV LAND Wednesday night's "Walker, Texas Ranger" at 7 starts the holiday run, through Friday 6 a.m.

Best bets Wednesday: "Everybody Loves Raymond" (8:18-10 p.m., 1-2 a.m.), "Friends" (midnight-1 a.m.), "That '70s Show" (3:49-4:54 a.m.).

Thursday: "Andy Griffith" (9:30 a.m., 1:30 and 2:30 p.m.), "Everybody Loves Raymond" (8:18-10 p.m., 1-2 a.m.), "The King of Queens" (10 p.m.-midnight).

CARTOON NETWORK Adult Swim spotlights the season from Wednesday night at 8 through 6 a.m. Thursday, with "King of the Hill," "Robot Chicken" and more.


"Haven" (8 a.m., 3:30 a.m., Syfy), "Raising Hope" (8:30- 10:30 a.m., FXX), "Warehouse 13" (9 a.m., 2:30 a.m., Syfy), "Parks and Recreation" (10:30 a.m.-noon, FXX), "Designing Women" (11 a.m.-noon, Logo), "Doctor Who" (1 p.m., 6-10 p.m., BBC America), "Two and a Half Men" (3-4 p.m., FX), "The King of Queens" (3-4 p.m., TBS; 6-7 p.m.), "The Golden Girls" (4, 6:30, 9, 11:30 p.m., Logo), "The Middle" (5-6 p.m., WLNY/10 /55), "Mike & Molly" (4-6 p.m., FX), "The Simpsons" (5-8 p.m., FXX; 11:30 p.m., WNYW/5), "Night Court" (5-7 p.m., Encore Classic), "Murphy Brown" (7-9 p.m., Encore Classic), "I Love Lucy" (8 p.m., CBS/2), "Friends" (11 p.m.-midnight, Nick), "Modern Family" (11 p.m.-midnight, USA), "Family Guy" (1:30 a.m., WPIX/11), "The Twilight Zone" (4:30 a.m., Syfy).


"Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (7:30-10 a.m., Logo), "The Twilight Zone" (8:30 a.m., Syfy), "South Park" (9:44-11:45 a.m., Comedy Central), "House" (noon-5 p.m., Cloo), "Roseanne" (noon-3 p.m., 3-5 a.m. WE), "Julia" (12:30 and 4:30 p.m., Aspire), "Will & Grace" (3-5 p.m., 1-3 a.m., WE), "The Middle" (5-6 p.m., WLNY/10/55), "Cops" (5-7 p.m., Cloo), "Two and a Half Men" (6:30-7:30 p.m., WPIX/11), "Mike & Molly" (7 p.m., WLNY/10/55), "Modern Family" (7 p.m., WNYW/5), "The Simpsons" (8 p.m.-2 a.m., FXX), "Full House" (8-10 p.m., Nick), new Christmas episode of "Doctor Who" (Christmas night at 9 p.m., 11:45 p.m., 2:30 a.m., BBC America), "Friends" (11 p.m.-midnight, Nick).


Hallmark Channel encores its 12 new 2014 movies, Thursday 6 a.m.-Friday 6 a.m. More marathons on TCM (Wednesday 6 a.m.-midnight), ion/31 (Wednesday 11 a.m.-3 a.m., Thursday 1 p.m.-1 a.m.) and ABC Family (Wednesday 11 a.m.-11 p.m.).


1947's "Miracle on 34th Street" (11:30 a.m., AMC), "White Christmas" (1:45 p.m., AMC), Alastair Sim's "A Christmas Carol" (7 and 9 p.m., FXM), "It's a Wonderful Life" (8 p.m., NBC/4), "A Christmas Story" (8 Wednesday-8 p.m. Thursday TBS/TNT), "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas" (8 Wednesday night-8 p.m. Thursday, FXX), "Bad Santa" (8 p.m., midnight, MTV), "Elf" (9 p.m., ABC Family).



Reginald Owen's 1938 "A Christmas Carol" (11 a.m., TCM), "Holiday Inn" (1 p.m., 1 a.m., Cozi), Alastair Sim's "A Christmas Carol" (5, 7, 9 and 11 p.m., FXM), "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (5 p.m., ABC Family).


The Yule Log blazes on WPIX/11 (Thursday 9 a.m.-1 p.m.); WLNY/10/55 (Wednesday night 6-9 p.m., 10 p.m.-midnight); Antenna (5-6 a.m.) and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (Wednesday night 5 p.m.-5 a.m., Thursday 8-11 a.m., Friday 5-7 a.m.).


Christmas Day is an NBA tradition as much caroles, egg nog and opening presents. The 2014 slate includes the league’s biggest stars, namely LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade and Tim Duncan. Here’s the schedule:

Noon: Washington Wizards at Knicks, ESPN
2:30 p.m: Oklahoma City Thunder at  San Antonio Spurs, ABC
5 p.m.: Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat, ABC
8 p.m.: Los Angeles Lakers at Chicago Bulls, NBA TV
10:30 p.m.: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers, NBA TV

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