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Clarence Clemons: A TV legacy


 Yes, Clarence Clemons - like Steve Van Zandt, though certainly not on his scale - leaves a TV legacy. There wasn't necessarily a vast spread of cameos, but at least one was in a classic, "The Wire," and he popped up now and then on various other shows, almost like an unexpected gift. He was Roman, a counselor, in the 2004 season of "The Wire."  He appeared in a show called "The System," which had a pretty good cast (Camryn Manheim, Ving Rhames) and (I think) airing briefly on Fox - but not sure; I simply don't remember. He voiced a "Simpsons" episode; and there were appearances on shows dating back into the mid-90s. Who remembers his brief run on "Nash Bridges" as "Big Barry?" (Alas, I do not...)

 Here, meanwhile, is a very early clip on "Late Night with David Letterman." No date on this, but judging from the look of it - and Dave as a mere callow youth - I'm guessing around '82-'83...Of course, the E Street Band was huge by then. Springsteen and Letterman have had a long association: Bruce, for example, appeared on his "Late Night" finale  And of course Bruce - or at least Max Weinberg - had a huge impact on Dave's successor.  Max was one of the key's to Conan's long success. (Max, by the way, has had his own share of health problems - reportedly.)

  In any event, a great loss over the weekend. The beloved Clarence...a part of our lives for nearly 40 years...


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