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Cleveland case heads trio of kidnapping stories

Click to Lifetime in May and it's more than likely you'll run across yet another abduction story -- disturbing telemovies about women who are kidnapped, tortured and raped for weeks, months, even years.

This month will see the premieres of three: "Cleveland Abduction" (8 p.m. Saturday), "Stockholm, Pennsylvania" (8 p.m. May 9), and "Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story" (8 p.m. May 23).

"Cleveland Abduction" is the most brutal. It tells the true story of the three women -- Michelle Knight, 21 when taken, Amanda Berry, 16, and Gina DeJesus, 14 -- held in captivity for more than a decade by Ohio school bus driver Ariel Castro.

A formulaic drama starring "Orange Is the New Black's" Taryn Manning as Knight, the film tries not to over-sensationalize the material, but still features several scenes of almost unbearable barbarity.

The final act is noteworthy: Instead of ending with the women's rescue, the story stays with Knight and depicts the transformation she undergoes during the first weeks of her re-entry into normal life.

"Cleveland Abduction's" debut coincides with the second anniversary of the victims' rescue on May 6, 2013. The anniversary will also be marked by the release of Knight's memoir, "Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings."

The book, which served as a primary source for the film, already is at No. 33 on Amazon's best-seller list, No. 8 for memoirs.

-- Tribune News Service

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