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Clifton Duffin gets Keith Urban teary on 'American Idol,' Brandy Neely and Josh Holiday also impress

Brandy Neely kicks off day two of the Chicago auditions on “American Idol” with “Your Cheatin' Heart.“ Classic, powerful country voice — nothing fancy, just well-sung with strong emotion.

Keith Urban loves it, as does Nicki Minaj -- "I think that you're super, super special.“ Mariah Carey gives her an “A+ amazing” for the song choice, with Randy Jackson saying he loved it “from note one.“

Josh Holiday next with great tone in his voice as well on “Back At One,“ with Minaj saying, “I don't think anyone in the competition sounds like you.“ He's on to Hollywood; seems humble, like a nice guy.

Next quick clips of a couple of good singers — Courtney Williams reminds us a bit of Jennifer Hudson with a powerful voice, Andrew Jones is smooth and a total pro,

Clifton Duffin comes out next, his parents say they've never heard him sing. Minaj dubs him “Secret Squirrel” right off.

He's doing Luther Vandross' “Superstar,“ and from the get-go he's got the judges (and his parents, hiding in the back with Ryan Seacrest) transfixed. Seems like a sweet kid; with some real talent.

“I loved it and I really enjoyed your journey, because I can relate to it,“ says Carey. Urban is teary, says he “lost it” watching his parents and their pride. On to Hollywood; what a nice family.

Minaj tells Jackson afterward, “My mother never heard me rap, before I made it .?.?. I was like, she shouldn't be listening to rap music!

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