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Clint Eastwood, the chair, 'SNL' and 'Trouble with the Curve'

Clint Eastwood as Gus in a scene from

Clint Eastwood as Gus in a scene from “Trouble with the Curve.” The film, about an aging and ailing baseball scout, will be released on Sept. 21, 2012. Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The one thing Clint Eastwood could not have known — or may well have known because after all, he's a smart guy — is that his RNC soliloquy with a chair was likely to upstage his promotional efforts on behalf of “Trouble with the Curve,” out this Friday. Everywhere he goes now — CNN over the weekend, “Good Morning America” right now — the only question anyone wants to ask is: Why? Chair? He is of course is happy to oblige but maybe happier to oblige questions about the movie. But those are the risks you take — stage one of the greatest TV moments in political convention history and people want to talk about it. (A  movie? Fine .?.?. there are a lot of those out there, however.)

And to demonstrate how much Clint and the Chair have entered the popular consciousness, one of the true arbiters of entering the popular consciousness — “Saturday  Night Live” — bowed this memorable Bill Hader sketch on the season premiere. Take a look if you haven't seen either — hard to believe in the latter case because it's been everywhere. (And it is pretty funny, too.)

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