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Clint Jun Gamboa and his interesting glasses hit 'American Idol'

Clint Jun Gamboa, who has glasses like "Where's Waldo" and is a karaoke host, is up next on "American Idol." He talks over-the-top but has a distinct voice as he sings "Billionaire." Smooth tone, pleasant to listen to.

He grew up singing gospel he says afterward. "Brilliant," says Steven Tyler, "beautiful tone," says Randy Jackson.

Drew Beaumier is dressed as a red car Transformer -- it's amazing, "crazy good" says Randy of his costume. When he lays down he looks like a race car. Of course he sings, "Born to be Wild." He has a decent voice on the lyrics, actually, but judges aren't buying it. 

Man, this may be one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. It's an amazing costume, and he literally drives off! 

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