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NBC: Clinton AND Koppel make Monday debut

NBC's new and still very lightly viewed news magazine "Rock Center with Brian Williams" has two newcomers on Monday's edition -- Chelsea Clinton and Ted Koppel. This sort of comes under the heading "pulling out all stops."

NBC has refused to give out Chelsea's piece for review, but a description for both Ted's and her piece follows.  By the way, "Rock Center" is quite good -- this show deserves viewers and I hope these two new kids will help to bring some more attention. 

COMING UP ON "ROCK CENTER WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS" - MONDAY, DEC. 12 AT 10P/9C Special Correspondents Ted Koppel and Chelsea Clinton to make debut on "Rock Center with Brian Williams" Almost nine years ago, Ted Koppel joined the 3rd Infantry Division crossing into Iraq and invading Baghdad. For his debut appearance on “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” Koppel takes viewers back into Iraq as the U.S. military completes its withdrawal. But is America really leaving? Many people have the impression that the U.S. presence – and U.S. government spending - is finally ending in Iraq. Koppel makes it clear that this is far from the truth. Annette Dove says it’s her life’s calling to save the neediest of children of Pine Bluff, Ark., – children whose suffering is often in plain sight, but who often go unaided, unacknowledged and largely ignored by much of society. In her “Rock Center with Brian Williams” debut, Chelsea Clinton tells the story of Dove, the founder of TOPPS (Targeting our People’s Priorities with Service). Dove runs an after-school and summer initiative that provides a lifeline - tutoring, mentoring, and feeding programs for children between 3 and 18 years of age who are often poor, neglected, failing in school and sometimes barely surviving. ### David Corvo is the senior executive producer, Rome Hartman is the executive producer and Brian Williams is the anchor and managing editor of “Rock Center with Brian Williams” (Mondays at 10p/9C). Follow us at, and @rockcenterNBC.  

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