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Colton Dixon and his red leather pants do Lady Gaga on 'American Idol'

Colton Dixon is singing next on "American Idol" -- his sister  Schyle r, who also auditioned, comes up on stage, she says it's  "amazing" watching him up on stage and is learning a lot herself in preparation for maybe making another run next year.

He's singing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," in red leather pants with a streak of red in his blonde hair. I'm not crazy about the song choice; he seems frenetic the entire time and there's really no way he can sing this song and be more memorable than she is.

"You are so in the zone right now... don't know if it was the greatest performance, but I still loved it," says Randy Jackson.

Jennifer Lopez says there were parts of it she loved, other parts where she think he went too low. Steven Tyler spouts a bunch of platitudes, tells him to "keep taking chances and risks."

Yeah, the judges are back to happy talk, he did neither on this one.

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