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Colton Dixon goes emo, Shannon Magrane admits to nerves on 'American Idol'

Colton Dixon singing Stevie Wonder's "Lately" next on "American Idol," Jimmy Iovine tells him to "rely on your vulnerability."

Turns it into like an emo song, slow and emotional to start. Right on the edge of saccharine, but then it starts to build. Never quite soars, but definite power to his voice and intensity to his performance. 

Steven Tyler calls it "outstanding," Jennifer Lopez says a tough genre for him but called it "great," while Randy Jackson says "not picture perfect, some notes that were flat, some that were sharp."

But loved his power moments, calls it "flawless" at the end, comparing it to Coldplay.

Shannon Magrane doing Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" next. Guest mentor Mary J. Blige tells her to go for the big notes, don't think too much.

Best of a mediocre night already, just based on the opening -- intense, controlled and spot-on. Totally believable, too, with a growl to her voice. Even her arm movements are sudden, strong. Not amazing, but better than everyone else so far. Maybe it's just the best song -- hard not to like this one.

Hmm, Lopez thought it was OK, said she was overthinking. Says, "just have to relax into it."

"I think your nerves got the best of you, baby," says Tyler. "You kind of crashed and burned in the turnaround."

Jackson echoes the others. Afterward Magrane agrees, too, and says she can sing better and the nerves got the best of her.

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