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Comcast, NBC Universal merger approved

 Finally, the deed is done: The Federal Communications Commission just moments ago approved the merger of Comcast and NBC Universal. This is indeed historic - in the history of media and certainly in the history of NBC. 

  There will be many changes, but if you want my professional opinion, many will be way way off camera - and particularly far from the prying eyes of media. Comcast is a deeply private public company (like most cable operators, Time Warner excepted.)  They want to do their business in private, even though they now own one of the most public companies in the world. Expect however...

 * Immediate attention to NBC primetime; this is not quite a desperate situation but it is desperate enough. New bosses (Bob Greenblatt, Ted Harbert join right about... now.)

 * Expect Comcast to determine the fate of the Universal theme parks. One might argue that they'll even put them on the block, even though they are very profitable.

 * Expect Comcast to begin exploring every and any way to maximize content generation and means and ways to extract dollars for this. Comcast will attempt to prove that: If you own the pipes and you own the content and the FCC has liberalized to a certain extent what you as a major corporation can or cannot do with Internet content, without actually preventing it from reaching its customers, then you should be able to maximize your ability to make money from content, and make a lot of it. Comcast has placed a huge bet on this very future, and wants to make it come to fruition.

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