You're sitting there (or maybe standing there) thinking: "To hell with this Conan O'Brien guy.

  "Whining about getting bumped down a half hour...

  "Still getting paid $15-20 million - exact salary amounts vary per press reports...

 "That's more than I'm making . . . I'd move to 12:05 for that kind of money . . ."

 Let me tell you, dear reader -- you are right. As always. There are worse problems in the world.

But I still believe Conan O'Brien should leave NBC and leave for Fox. Because I like lists, I'll give you the top 10 reasons why:

 1.) As a brand name, Conan is damaged. He's a "second banana," second fiddle, loser. That's the impression at large -- that "Tonight" just didn't work out.

 2.) "Tonight" is an 11:35 show, and pushing it to 12:05 means it's no longer "tonight" but technically "tomorrow." This is not sophistry or semantics, but a vital difference. "Tonight" at midnight will simply be something different.

3.) The real "Tonight" show -- the one once hosted by Johnny Carson and Jay -- will still be at 11:35.

4.) Most important reason of all,
friends, so pay attention: The television audience at 12:05 is dramatically different than at 11:35, and by that I mean it's dramatically lower. As TV learned many years ago, the so-called HUT -- or homes using television figure -- falls off a cliff at midnight. Viewers stick around to watch the opening monologue, then maybe the first interview. Then, it's lights out. Jay's "Tonight" monologue got a huge number, but by the closing minutes of the show, numbers had dwindled away to nothingness. Conan knows all this.

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5.) Conan can't trust NBC. Of course, neither can Jay, but trust has been zapped.

6.) NBC could pull the rug from under Conan again, and likely will, if Jay's 11:35 numbers are huge and Conan's 12:05 numbers are weak. In other words, someone will say - first an affiliate, then a network suit -- "Hey Jay is doing great at 11:35, so why don't we just make his show an hour again, and push Conan to 12:35?" You don't think this could happen, friends? You're kidding, right?

7.) 11 p.m. at Fox is highly intriguing
-- he'll get a lead out from strong local news programs, which will be nice.

8.) At 11, he'll beat the 11:35 shows by a half hour, meaning he'll get first crack at topical jokes of the day, first crack at the resident late night audience. It's an advantage.

9.) Yeah, Fox stations might not wanna clear this
and dump their own highly/somewhat profitable off-network repeats, like "Seinfeld," but there are ways they can be made happy (revenue sharing, etc.) so maybe these arms can be twisted, and Conan would get very solid national coverage -- which I believe he would.

10.)  My final reason: Fox began with a late night show,
and in fact, the proto-Fox network WAS a late night show. It was a terrific failure, in part because Joan Rivers stunk at the job and screwed over Johnny Carson to get the gig, so there was some karma involved. But now, for the first time in its history, Fox has a chance at late night success. I repeat . . . the very . . . first . . . time. If you're Conan, maybe you'd wanna be part of this history, too.