It's not enough, I suppose, that Conan got absolutely clobbered by the chattering class's Monday morning q-bs after th "60 Minutes" interview - mostly accusing him of whining - but now TMZ has posted that he actually lied durining the interview!

  The entire post is below, but the substance is that he knew the financials were bad, and also knew the payout with him and Jay were roughly equal, etc. So he painted an erroneous picture to Steve Kroft.

  TMZ is a reasonable source on all matters relating to Conan fro a couple reasons - a.) It broke the stor(ies) of the Conan firing; and b.) TMZ boss, Harvey Levin, clearly has mutual sources - either via agents or Time-Warner (for which he, and now Coco work).

  I'd point out one or two things here. Kroft noted that "it's been reported" that Jay Leno's buy-out was $150 million. When I first heard that figure, I thought: "reported where?!" It was  news to me, though wasn't debunked by Co.

  Second, the conversation relating to "Tonight Show" losses seemed like a huge waste of airtime. Conan seemed to be expressing an opinion, as opposed to a fact; and it does seem inconceivable that "Tonight" was going to lose money. 

 The TMZ post:

Network sources tell TMZ Conan was flat out wrong when he said NBC gave him the axe rather than Leno because Jay's buyout would have been bigger. Sources say the buyouts for Conan and Jay were roughly the same. TMZ broke the story Conan took home $32.5 million from his severance package with NBC.

And our network sources say Coco was just plain lying in response to Steve Kroft's question:

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Kroft:  "They said that the -- for the first time in history, 'The Tonight Show' was losing money."

Conan:  "I don't see how that's, I honestly don't see how that's possible.  It's really not possible.  It isn't possible."

NBC sources say the show would not only have lost more than $5 million this year had they kept Conan on, but the loss was specifically discussed with Conan -- "They were well-informed of that fact," said one source.