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Conan O'Brien: Sticking to His Story

No one seems able to push Conan off his line that the move to "Tonight" will be un-marred and uncomplicated by his "terrific...friend...and that splendid...late night...genuis...who I really love and admire," Jay Leno.

Leno, as you know, goes to 10, while Co goes to the middle of the night, so to speak, at 11:35...

This morning, Matt Lauer asked - again! - about what must be Conan's deep ambivalence about this state of affairs.

Said Co:

"They told me five years ago, would you like to host the Tonight Show at 11:35, and I said I would very much like that. Nothing has changed. This is the Tonight Show at 11:30. I like Jay ...He's a terrific guy. The fact that he stays is good for me. No one knows what's happening in television - it's changing quickly as you know. Will there be unforeseen circumstances? Possibly, but we'll work them out...I can pick up the phone to Jay to work them out."

I noticed that some unidentified exec in the Times' wrap this morning noted how he almost "felt sorry" for Conan. Feel sorry!! Only in television...can you become the host of one of the great franchises in television history...make 15 million a year...have your every whim catered to...and still have someone out there feel sorry for you.

Good Lord.

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