Conan O'Brien took both his show and himself to Cuba Wednesday night, and -- I think I can speak for all -- TV history was indeed made. Big history? Little history? Meaningless history? History and time will tell, but neither a late night host or a late night show has ever done anything remotely like this before. It seems almost redundant to point that out, but it is indeed true. So, yes, history...

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And the trip was a triumph. Seriously. This was a great idea that turned into something both noteworthy and memorable. Good for Co -- and I did have my doubts. Here's the open, which offers a flavor. But the edition essentially comprised a waking tour of Havana, and it was fascinating indeed. O'Brien managed to be both funny and inquisitive at the same time, allowing the flavor of a beautiful city to emerge.

The open below, and may I be the first to say to the tall red-headed TV guy from Boston: Enhorabuena , señor noche presentador de televisión. Ese fue un buen espectáculo.