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Overcast 55° Good Morning

Conan O'Brien to "60 Minutes"... an interview! 

 (But the headline did make you wonder...Will he be the new Andy Rooney? Not that Andy is going anywhere...)

 The factoids:


Conan O'Brien will appear on "60 Minutes" in his first - yes, very first - interview since leaving "The Tonight Show," NBC, Johnny Carson's shadow and Jay's too. The show last night confirmed that O'Brien will sit down with Steve Kroft, but offered no further details, or outtakes. Questions? Yes, Steve could ask a few (anyone could). O'Brien recently signed a deal to host an 11 p.m. Monday-Thursday show on TBS to premiere November, and is in the midst of his "Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on TV" tour. 


 There are a million...or at least five that I can think of....

 1.) What do you really think of Jay?

 2.) What's the show on TBS gonna be?

 3.) Will Max be there? The onanistic panda? Etc. 

 4.) Any regrets leaving NBC? (Yeah, we know, we're "thrilled" to be with TBS...)

 5.) Hey, are you legally gonna change your name to "Coco?"

  (I'm certain Kroft will ask far more sophistocated questions than these....) 


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