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Conan: Still standing, and..ummm



  Hey kids, now that we've seen what Craigers said last night, let's see what Conan said.

  Conan: About to be pushed off "Tonight" because NBC really doesn't know what it's doing, does it. 

  I'm looking at him thinking: What is Co thinking? He's such a pro, and so good, it's almost impossible to tell from this, but he does look a little less enthused than usual. It all feels deflated, flat. I'm guessing he's bitterly unhappy about all this. And it's not a wild guess, either.

   TMZ - the go-to site suddenly on this story - claims Co has still not made up his mind about whether to take the midnight hour.  If he doesn't, then late night anchors aweigh...and away. It claims - accurately, I am certain - that Co could walk if he doesn't want the NBC deal. Who would blame him...

But good news for him: Will still have a job, which in this economy is the only thing that counts, right? 

  Jay at 11:30 leading into "Co" at midnight isn't the worst possible situation for him. If Jay's 11:30 show brings back viewers, "Co" at midnight might actually do well too.

  Maybe. By the way, NBC has still not made an announcement. 

  Here's the show...



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