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Broken Clouds 28° Good Evening

Conan: The zings, zaps continue



   Another good night for Conan O'Brien, proving once again that sometimes the best material for late night hosts is the late night host himself. 

 Best bit here: The surprise visit by Kenneth, who's leading a tour group through the soon to be abandoned (not really) "Tonight" studios - which, as observed here, took longer to build than Conan's tenure. Scroll 8 minutes in for that.

  Plus, acknowledging his imminent demise, Conan has begun a "Classic Tonight Show Moments" - scroll in 15 mins for that. Unfortunately, after only seven months, the pantry is a little bare.

  Gervais, up next, who says he's worried about Co because "you've got no discernable skills."

  (I'm wondering, by the way, how much longer NBC will even post these? The popular website,, has already pushed "Tonight" deep into the site - no suprise - and the show page seems to be tougher and tougher to access.  I wonder...Certainly with Co no longer "The Tonight Show" host after just about 30 days, the network's promotional efforts are going to atrophy, while Jay Leno -  your past and future host - will be a more prominent presence...)


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