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Connecticut GOP taunts Olbermann

Perhaps you've heard of an online draft-Keith-Olbermann-in-Connecticut movement that's reportedly under way; some people want Keith to run for Joe Lieberman's seat next year; Lieberman, an Indie, is retiring.

Now this in today's Connecticut Post:

 A political version of truth or dare is unfolding between Connecticut's top Republican and Keith Olbermann, tormentor of Joe Lieberman, Christopher Shays, Linda McMahon and the political right. A cyberspace movement to draft the recently departed host of MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" to run for Lieberman's Senate seat in 2012 was met with a bold challenge by state GOP chairman Christopher Healy. "Oh, we can't be that lucky. We can't be that lucky," Healy said in an interview with Greenwich Time. "If he wants to saddle up in Connecticut, saddle up."

I, too, have suggested Olbermann run -- but not for a Senate seat. Maybe for Congress from some extremely, extremely liberal district. I think he'd have a good chance, actually. But he'd have to pick his race well. Could he win a Senate seat in Conn.? I think Healy said it all.

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