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Could Trump simply be promoting 'Apprentice?'


 It's the question that hasn't been asked - that this whole putative run for the White House by one Donald Trump is really just an elaborate stunt to promote "Celebrity Apprentice" - and I can't begin to imagine why it hasn't been asked.

  So here goes: is it all a stunt?

  We've all known Trumpster a long long time. We have been through the marriages, the kids, Marla, the buildings, the hotels, the shows...everything...and if we've learned one thing about our Donald it is this: There is simply no human being on the entire planet  more coventous of media attention.

  No one. 

  He feeds off of it, lives for it. I don't know why this is so, but it is so. 

  But more importantly, more central to the topic at hand, he is a terrific promoter - self-promoter and otherwise. He is so relentless at it that after all my many years of Trumpster watching, I am absolutely convinced that he does not know the dividing line between realtiy and hype; in his mind, they merge together seamlessly, and any evidence to the contrary is brushed aside, ignored, or simply waited out. If something isn't true today, for example, it may be true tomorrow...and if it isn't true tomorrow, well then so what! No one will remember that it was ever even an issue. The past in Trumpsterland is irrelevant.  

  This is not a post about the birther business - but simply asking the question: Is Donald using all of this to promote the May 22 finale of "Celebrity Apprentice.' I like lists, as you know, and here is my list why this may  be so:

- Trumpster mentions "Apprentice" at every opportunity, irrespective of the context. This morning's biz about birthing? No sweat! He said we'd be "surprised" about his announcement on the finale. 

- Trumpster has secretly been bummed about the fact that "Apprentice" is not a top ten show. Years ago, Trumpster told me how miserable  he'd be if "Apprentice" wasn't the top rated-show in all of television; not exactly "miserable," but certainly very unhappy about it. But "Apprentice" - even the successful "Celebrity" edition - has just slogged along. Not a top ten show at all anymore, but something just simply economically viable for desparate NBC. 

 - Trumpster may see a chance to get into the same ballpark with shows like "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars." Oddly, his faux-run hasn't made much of an impact on numbers to this point (around 9 million viewers) but the finale announcement will primp numbers for that edition nicely.

- Trumpster actually has said that he won't say if he's running or not on May 27 - but instead will announce a date when he will say if and when he's running.  That's the sheer genius of this. Trumpster may simply say this - "tune in September 22, Sunday this fall on find out when or if I'll announce my run for the presidency." Millions could then tune in again for the new season premiere of "Celebrity Apprentice," and Donald could then say..."tune in next January, for the next edition of 'Celebrity Apprentice.' At that point, I will most definitely make an announcement..."

  OK, 'Zone readers - you get my drift. Trumpster may simply be using all of this as a pretext to promote "Apprentice," and NBC is happy to go along for the ride.  

  Donald is no dummy... 


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