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Couric to Letterman: Figuring out next move

CBS evening news anchor Katie Couric talks with

CBS evening news anchor Katie Couric talks with host David Letterman about her future on "The Late Show with David Letterman." (March 22, 2011) Credit: AP

Check out this clip from tonight's "Late Show with David Letterman." Katie Couric tells Dave that she's "figuring out what to do" next, and says she "loves" CBS News, etc.  Far more interesting, however, is Dave's response. He essentially says this job -- the anchorchair -- is one for life. Spoken like a true broadcaster, and he's right (until networks, as networks are wont, decide to change anchorperson). Of course, he doesn't know the full story -- does CBS want to stick with Katie? I'm certain they're figuring out what they want to do, too. (This isn't -- as I have said all along -- a one-way street. )

For Couric watchers, this is still an intriguing clip: Why no outright declaration of love for the gig that pays her $15M per? Why not one of those "I hope to stay here for many years" lines? Why not a "I've figured out what to do -- this." This brief clips suggest both Katie and CBS have indeed made up their minds, and that it may be time to move on. Her contract's up in early June. Plenty of time to figure out what she'll move on to.  

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