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Good Afternoon

Craig Ferguson to host syndicated game show

Craig Ferguson, host of "The Late Late Show."

Craig Ferguson, host of "The Late Late Show." Credit: Getty Images

Craig Ferguson, yes, still host of "Late Late Show" and not going anywhere, will add another day job to his resume when he hosts a celebrity pop culture quiz show beginning next fall. Entitled "Celebrity Name Game,"  this one comes from Courteney Cox's and David Arquette's production company, and the news releases describes it thusly: "Celebrities team with contestants to identify famous names, including actors, singers, athletes, pop culture figures, politicians and even cartoon characters .?.?."

I don't think there's much to read into this concerning Ferguson's future. It's no secret that he would one day like to replace David Letterman (although to be fair, Ferguson has also said that he's content with 12:35 and in no hurry to move up)  and no secret Dave isn't going anywhere. Plus, game show hosting isn't the heaviest lifting in the land either. Meredith Vieira did it on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" for years, certainly while hosting "The Today Show."  (Multiple editions are often taped in one day.)

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