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Cristabel Clack rocks Alicia Keys, Jett Hermano gets creative with Rihanna on 'American Idol'

Jett Hermano next on "American Idol," at the piano with a dramatic, slow version of Rihanna's "Only Girl." Her vocal skills are impressive; comes across like she's a professional. For whatever reason, no big emotional connection for me, even though I liked it.

"I love that you did this unique arrangement," says Keith Urban, "it brought out the sexiness of the song." Nicki Minaj says "I thought it was going to climax somewhere, but it never got there." Randy Jackson also wanted something bigger in the middle, while Mariah Carey says "there's something different about you," and likes that she's in the competition.

Cristabel Clack next, transfixes the audience from the get-go with her crackly tone on Alicia Keys' "No One." Good energy, owns the stage; you can feel her emotion coming through. Best performance of the night so far -- genuine. Gets Jackson to stand up at the end.

"That was fantastic, gosh I love your voice -- I love that thing in there, that soul, croaky, cool thing," says Urban. "I think you've got crazy potential." Minaj "loved the rasp," but thought it wasn't always under control. Jackson likes how she had "the freedom to just go," instead of always trying to please the judges. Carey rambles, but likes her too.

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