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Crying Naima Adedapo first into top 24 on 'American Idol'

 "American Idol" starts hour two of Las Vegas night, where they cut from 40 to 24, very oddly -- like a brand new show instead of a continuation. Maybe they didn't plan to originally air both episodes on the same night?

Anyway, Naima Adedapo learns her fate first. She's the one who works as a custodian at a music fest and is someone I really like . . . even as I fear she may be a bit too odd for this show.

She'll make it, I think. She's wearing a turquoise lace dress. They kind of jerk her around a bit as she's crying, but she makes it.

She tells Jennifer Lopez afterward about watching "In Living Color" as a kid and wanting to be a fly girl. "She deserves a shot," says J.Lo afterward; "and now it's up to America."

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