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Crystal Bowersox admits she's a bit flat on 'American Idol'

Crystal Bowersox closes "American Idol" with "You Can't Always Get What You Want." In her intro, her dad gets emotional talking about their relationship.

It's a great song choice. She strides out in a black top and black jeans with her guitar and has her own spin on the song, giving it a little country twang. In the chorus, she turns it back into a power song and picks up the pace. She's really strong vocally. I'm not crazy about the performance, it didn't really connect with me, but it's definitely professional.

Randy says not your best, but "I love you, you're always great." Ellen agrees, says she sings so easily, but need some more personality. Crystal adds, "I was thinking too much." Kara says not great vocally, but you're comfortable up there.

Simon says you came out tonight the clear favorite, but your song choice didn't have the drama. "First time when I think you were beaten by somebody, Siobhan."

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