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Crystal Bowersox gets panned for going 'limp,' calls out her boyfriend on 'American Idol'

Crystal Bowersox is singing "No One Needs to Know," Shania Twain tells her to be more cheerful in your singing, Crystal says it's a message to her boyfriend, "dropping hints here and there -- he'll man up one of these days." 

Nothing like being called out on national TV!

Very odd song choice; doesn't really fit her as a perfomer, it's a bit too delicate or subtle or something, she's usually just a powerhouse. Don't like her tone, her orange outfit, anything about it really; just seems misguided. Song's kind of weak, too.

Randy says not my favorite performance, but liked that she's trying things. Ellen says not my favorite either; Kara says it was "believable," but not your best. Crystal says "it's not as big as my other performances -- but bigger isn't always better."

Simon's cracking up, says he won't make the obvious jokes. Then calls it "limp," says it's like being in a bad coffee shop, no conviction, calls the song itself "forgettable."

They show Crystal's boyfriend, he's laughing. Not sure what else he can do.

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