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Crystal Bowersox goes diva while Simon Cowell wears a cardigan (?!) on 'American Idol'

Crystal Bowersox looked the part of a gorgeous

Crystal Bowersox looked the part of a gorgeous diva. (April 20, 2010) Photo Credit: Fox

If "American Idol" ended this very moment, it seems more than likely that Crystal Bowersox would win it. And last night, she not only blew away the competition with her vocals, but, for the first time, looked the part of a gorgeous diva.

With upswept dreds, and wearing a black and purple gown with plunging neckline, knotted shoulders and a dash of sparkle on the bodice, she roared through “Don’t Need No Ticket,” in a version so wrought with emotion that she actually broke down and cried at the end.

The judges were stunned by the fabulous performance, and Ellen DeGeneres told her, “You’ve never looked more beautiful.” She was right.

Now Siobhan Magnus has a beautiful voice, but her fashion choices are straight out of Crazyville. Come on, Siobhan, help us understand -- were you channeling Mother Nature with the butterflies, leaves and flowers jutting out of your shoulders, hair and hands?

We think she picked the wrong song, and the wrong outfit, and Simon Cowell said the look was distracting. Also, we’ve said it before – way too heavy on the lip-gloss.

The boys were mostly the boys. The big news flash? Casey James traded in his Western shirt for a good-looking blue jacket, vest and perhaps too much of a spray tan.

Michael Lynche should not have taken off his cute, athletic white jacket. The long sleever he wore beneath showed off a little more bulk than he may have liked.

Lee Dewyze is really good, and is evolving, from a fashion standpoint, into kind of a hottie. The show’s stylist has been trying to get him to replace his baggy clothes with slimmer silhouettes, and last night his olive-khaki shirt was more fitted, and jeans seemed a bit narrower. Still, he’s always rumpled but it’s part of his appeal.

We’re trying to figure out if Simon is trying to bookend with Randy Jackson, whose signature is usually a varsity sweater, often a cardigan.

Last night, Simon was wearing one too, his with a trompe l’oeil vest which also kind of matched Kara DioGuardi’s black vest that vaguely matched Ellen’s white vest. What the heck is going on?

Simon, if we’re being honest with you, the sweater was old-fashioned and doesn’t suit you a bit. Bring back the white tee shirt.

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